Research Conducted

Some of the researchers that have used the facility and the topics of their research are listed below. Where possible, links have been provided to the work. If you are interested in conducting research at Mahonia, please contact Mahonia. For further information about any of the research listed below, please contact the researchers directly.

Key processes in the organization of the high diversity community of coral reef fishes in Kimbe Bay.
Dr. Geoff P. Jones, Dr. M.I. McCormick, Dr. M.J. Caley and Dr. U.L. Kaly (James Cook University, Australia)

The biodiversity and biogeography of the coral genus Acropora
Carden Wallace and Jackie Wolstenholmes (Tropical Museum, Townsville, Australia)

Underwater thermal activities in the Talasea area of Kimbe Bay
Dr. Thomas Pichler (University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada)

Biogeography and evolution of the cowries (Cypraeidae)
John Starmer (University of Guam, Mangilao, Guam)

Archeological research in West New Britain exploring the effects of ancient volcanic eruptions on local communities in the Willaumez Peninsula during the last 35,000 years.
(Robin Torrence, Australian Museum, Sydney, Australia)

Social behaviour of barracuda species
Shane E Paterson (University of Georgia, Athens, USA)

Tamane Puli Marine Conservation Area, Kimbe Bay: An Ecological Monitoring Program
G.P.Jones, M.I.McCormick, J.Eagle and M.Srinivasan (James Cook University, Australia)

Habitat availability impact on the distribution and abundance of fishes from the family Gobiidae (gobies)
Philip Munday (James Cook University, Australia)

Habitat specailisation and consequences of habitat degradation for coral-associated damselfishes
Mary C. Bonin (James Cook University, Australia)

Nesting habits and taxonomy of a unique group of ants of the genus Polychris
Simon Robson (James Cook University, Townsville, Australia)

Biological Survey of West New Britain incorporating Small Mammals, Bats, Birds, Reptiles and Amphibians, Orcidaceae and other flowering plants and Insects and spiders
Nicola Anthony (Mammalogist), Deanna G P Byrnes (Bat biologist), Michael S Putnam (Ornithologist), Bulisa Iova (Ornithologist), Johannes Foufopoulos (Herpetlogist), Keneth Molem (Parataxonomist) and Paul Wanga (Specimen preparation/Mammalogist) (University of Wisconsin, USA)

Kimbe Bay Cetacean Survey
Dr Indrid N. Visser (Orca Research Trust, New Zealand)

Kimbe Bay Second Marine Mammal Rapid Ecological Assessment
Dr Indrid N. Visser (Orca Research Trust, New Zealand)

Anthropological Studies in Papua New Guinea
Dr Naomi Macpherson
University of British Columbia.

Sexual Selection and Sex Allocation in hermaphrodites: Shrimp from the genus Lysmata as model system
Dr J. Antonio Baeza (Postdoctoral Researcher, Smithsonian Institution)