How to get here

From Australia, with QANTAS Airlines and Pacific Blue (Virgin). Air Niugini, the national carrier (www.airniugini.com.pg)  have direct or through flights to Port Moresby from various different countries (Australia, Japan, Singapore, Fiji, Hong-Kong, Solomon Islands (Honiara) and Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur). Please, check their website for additional information. Hoskins Airport is the provincial airport servicing West New Britain. Air Niugini’s domestic service connects directly through to Hoskins from Port Moresby.

Health & Safety Issues

Mosquitoes carrying Malaria do occur in this area so preventative measures including mosquito nets, insect repellent, and anti-malarial medication are recommended. Visit the Center for Control of Diseases for more information on Malaria-prevention drugs.

Clean drinking water is readily available from the tap on research station grounds. However, we recommend  boiling water before drinking. In case of injury or sickness, medical care is accessible locally at Kimbe Hospital and a private medical practitioner. In the event of a diving-related emergency, medical oxygen can be administered on-site at Walindi Dive Centre and if necessary the diver can be airlifted to the nearest hyperbaric chamber in Port Moresby. DAN dive medical insurance is essential if your research involves scuba diving. It is a required prerequisite to doing any scuba diving with Mahoni Na Dari.

The Closest Hyperbaric Chamber

The closest hyperbaric chamber is located at Port Moresby (http://www.htna.com.au/chamber_pm.htm)

How is the Weather

One of the greatest benefits of conducting research out of Mahonia is the mild tropical climate, which rarely prevents work on land or sea. The annual variation in mean monthly temperature is just 2°C with average air temperatures of between 29-30°C for most of the year. Sea temperature also varies little throughout the year, averaging a very comfortable 28-29°C, and because Kimbe Bay is so sheltered those traveling by boat can generally expect very calm, lake-like conditions. The windy season from June to August is the only time of year where winds are consistently strong. The wet season runs from January through March, though as with most tropical locations afternoon showers are common year-round.

Laundry and Personal Care

Mahonia does have access to a laundry facilty. Washing machine and lines for drying clothes are available at the station. Known brands of tooth paste, shaving gel/foam, etc. are easy to find in Kimbe. Kimbe has pharmacies, supermarkets, stores, and a general wholesaler.

What to Bring

Clothing: Shorts, long pants, t-shirts, boardshorts, tennis shoes, booties, sandals. 100% cotton is the most comfortable clothing to bring due to humidity in the area.

Others: Sunscreen, Zinc cream, Mosquito Repellent, Mosquito net (though they have good condition nets at the station), Rechargable batteries, flashlight, headlight, Camera+cable, Binoculars (if you are into birds)

Dive: Light, Backup Light, Flasher, BC, Regulators, Safety Sausage, mask, snorkel, fins, weight belt (weights are provided by Mahonia), knife, Diving Tables or Computer, Wetsuit.

Sampling Gear: Aquarium nets, sample tubes, Ethanol (you are allowed to bring only two liters, also avaiable locally but expensive), Waterproof paper, Dive slate.

Paperwork: Trip Insurance, DAN Insurance, copies of diving certificates and insurance paperwork. Copies of permit papers, copy of passport.