Walindi Nature Centre

Walindi Nature Centre

The Walindi Nature Centre was officially opened in 1996, and now plays host to three local Non Government Organizations, Mahonia Na Dari, The Nature Conservancy, and FORCERT (Forest Management and Product Certification Service), all contributing to the conservation of natural resources in the Kimbe Bay area. The Walindi Nature Centre has five offices, a library, conference room, laboratory, covered outside meeting area and a variety of sleeping/residential accommodation all set amongst colourful park-like gardens with plenty of birdlife and direct access to the marine environment.

The Centre is managed by Mahonia Na Dari as a commercial enterprise to generate income to support some of the ongoing costs of community conservation work.

All of the buildings are constructed in a traditional style, with walls made of woven screens and with sago palm leaf roofing (morota). Locally sourced Malas timber is used throughout, with beautiful black bean flooring.


Self-contained bungalows and rooms are available for staff working at the centre. Any surplus to requirements are rented out to other businesses operating in the area.

Additional shared or single room accommodation is available for visitors, tourists, researchers and students. There are six, three bed units with communal kitchens, bathrooms and laundry facilities. Larger groups and up to 24 schoolchildren can be accommodated in the Bikhaus (Big house) which has six rooms with four beds in each. It has shared bathrooms and a communal kitchen and laundry.

All rooms are insect screened, showers have both hot and cold water and the flush toilets are connected to a septic system. Bed linen and cooking and eating utensils are provided. Food is available from a variety of markets in and around Kimbe, some 20km away for those wishing to self cater. Onsite meals can be provided by Mahonia Na Dari wih prior arrangement, or booked at the nearby Walindi Plantation Resort.

Electric power at the centre is 240V, 50 Hz, provided by diesel generators between the hours of 6.00am and 11pm. No 110V outlets exist within the facility, and where necessary visitors should bring voltage transformers. Plug adaptors may be necessary as electrical plugs in Papua New Guinea conform with those in Australia and New Zealand with three prongs. A quality surge suppressor should be brought for laptop computers or other electronic devices. Access to telephone, FAX, and dial up internet is provided on a user-pays basis.

Approximate costs for accommodation, catering and equipment hire are shown under Research, but this will vary depending on length of stay, agreed concessions and rates of exchange. Contact Mahonia Na Dari’s Administration on mnd_operation@global.net.pg for more details.

Transport in the Kimbe Bay area

A tar seal road links the Walindi Nature Centre to the nearest town of Kimbe, an approximately 20 minute drive through oil palm plantation and local villages. Travel to terrestrial sites further afield or inland normally requires a 4WD. Mahonia Na Dari can provide a limited transport service into town and back and also airport drop offs and pickups. All other travel arrangements should be made independently through one of the local car hire companies.

Boat access to the marine environment of Kimbe Bay can be arranged through Mahonia Na Dari, whose knowledgeable, local boatmen operate a number of small open and semi covered vessels, offering quick access to inshore and more distant sites. Fuel costs will need to be negotiated once on site, as these vary significantly from month to month.