“The coral reefs of Kimbe Bay take me back forty years, to a time when corals grew in lush profusion, untroubled by all the problems that beset them today. A short boat ride from [Mahonia Research Station]…and I am diving on reefs that have more than half of the coral species of the world….I am hard pressed to think of anywhere on earth that has this combination of vibrant health, diversity and beauty.”

— Professor J.E.N. “Charlie” Veron, 2008
World’s most widely published reef scientist

Research Facilities

Mahonia’s boating and diving activities operate from the Walindi Plantation Resort jetty, which is a short 5 minute walk down the beach from the research station. The research station has several 6 meter fiberglass boats powered by 25 or 40 hp outboard motors that are sufficient for travel to most near-shore locations in the area. For longer distances, the station also has a 6 meter covered fiberglass boat powered by twin 40 hp outboards available for visiting researchers. As part of the bench fee, researchers are provided with a knowledgeable local guide who will operate and maintain the boat, provide assistance with gear, and help in locating suitable study sites. A local certified diver can also be hired as a dive assistant if you require one. Please inquire with Mahonia staff by email if you would like to hire a local dive buddy. Tanks and dive weights are both available at the jetty.

The Kanai 2 – One of our research vessels

Although the greatest asset Mahonia has to offer is undoubtedly its easy access to the exceptional natural environment surrounding the research station, a modest laboratory is also available that provides a good work space to process samples and store gear. There is a library on-site with useful identification guides for the local flora and fauna.

Booking with Mahonia Na Dari

All prospective visiting research scientists and guests should contact Mahonia as soon as possible to discuss their plans. Mahonia staff can advise on current benchfee rates.

The following information is needed:

• Name/s

• Contact details: telephone, fax number, and e-mail

• Institutional affiliation

• Proposed dates of arrival and departure

In addition, persons intending to conduct research at Mahonia na Dari must provide a short (1-2 page) proposal that describes their research plan, with particular attention to any manipulative research that might be necessary. Evaluation of each proposal will precede confirmation of any reservation.

For price list enquiries contact e-mail

Research Visas

All persons intending to conduct research in Papua New Guinea must obtain a research permit and visa. Information on this process is available at:

Flights & travel to Mahonia Na Dari

Air Niugini ( operates two or more flights daily from Jackson International and Domestic Airport in Port Moresby to Hoskins Airport in West New Britain. The research station is a 50 minute drive from Hoskins Airport, and Mahonia staff can arrange an airport transfer upon request.



As headquarters of Mahonia Na Dari’s operations, Walindi Nature Centre offers a variety of housing options to accommodate everyone from the solo researcher to large teams of 10-15 people. Self-contained bungalows and rooms are available for solo researchers or couples. There are six, three bed units with communal kitchens, bathrooms and laundry facilities. Larger groups and up to 24 assistants can be accommodated in the Bikhaus (Big house) which has four rooms with six beds in each.

All accommodation usually has private bathroom with hot and cold water, flush toilets connected to a septic system, and access to cooking and laundry facilities. Mosquito nets, bed linen, and kitchen utensils are provided. The Bikhaus has shared bathrooms and a communal kitchen and laundry. All rooms are insect screened.

Electric power at the center is 240V, 50 Hz, provided by diesel generators between the hours of 6.00am and 11pm. No 110V outlets exist within the facility, and where necessary visitors should bring voltage transformers. Plug adaptors may be necessary as electrical plugs in Papua New Guinea conform with those in Australia and New Zealand with three prongs. A quality surge suppressor should be brought for laptop computers or other electronic devices.

Approximate costs for accommodation, catering and equipment hire are shown below but this will vary depending on length of stay, agreed concessions and rates of exchange. Contact Mahonia Na Dari’s Administrator on for more details.


Food, Supplies & Banking

The research station is a 20 minute drive from the major port town of Kimbe and researchers can arrange transport in one of Mahonia’s vehicles for shopping trips. Supermarkets, fresh fruit and vegetable markets, chemists, hardware and electronic stores are all accessible, though cost of imported goods can be high. If self-catering is not preferred, visiting researchers can arrange to eat at the nearby Walindi Plantation Resort. The three banks in Kimbe—ANZ, WestPac and Bank of South Pacific—all have ATMs to withdraw local currency and exchange facilities for most foreign currency. However it is useful to exchange some foreign currency in Port Moresby Airport, prior to arrival in Kimbe.


The Mahonia office has a telephone and FAX machine available for use by visiting researchers on a user-pays basis. Broadband wireless internet access is available at Walindi Plantation Resort, which is just a 5 minute walk down the beach from the research station. For longer stays, inexpensive mobile phones can be purchased that offer cheap local and overseas rates.